Harrish Sairaman

Founder, Cogniizant Transformation

Harrish Sairaman

Cogniizant Transformation


Philosophy –‘The time and energy that individuals and teams give to me is never going to come back into their lives again! Hence, my focus, intent and energies are towards giving them a worthwhile transformational experience, high end learning and help them break barriers and experience Peak Performance in the areas they desire and deserve’

Approach – I believe in a High Energy, insightful learning experience driven with impactful activities to bring in a shift. The sessions must and they do ‘Empower’ participants. Passion and enjoyment while learning, working and LIVING is a great approach and an approach I follow.

Title – Founder of Cogniizant Transformation and Co Founder of The Next Dimension

Strength and Credentials

  • Successfully driven over 1200+ workshops touching lives of over 2,00,000 + participants
  • Ability to drive great insightful sessions with humor and high energy
  • Using great scientific time tested approach in all workshops
  • Masters in Sciences Like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kinesiology, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Subconscious Programming, Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis for performance improvement
  • Certified Performance and Life Coach
  • Advance Trainer and Facilitator of Breakthrough Activities – Like Fire Walk, Rod Bending, Broken Glass Walk and Tile breaking along with experiential and adventure activities. Facilitates Train The Trainer for these activities also.
  • Coached over 500 individuals on Performance and Life for breaking barriers in the areas of profession, relationships, health, money etc and has helped them achieve Peak Performance in all areas of Life
Facilitation Areas –
ACCELERATE – Achieving Peak Performance, Quantum Leap – Goal Setting and Implementation, Igniting the Fire Within – Motivation, Awaken the Leader – Leadership, Team Building – Indoor/Outdoor/Adventure/Creative, Creativity and Innovation, Health Mastery, Relationship Mastery, Life Mastery, Coaching and Mentoring, Advance Selling, Influencing Skills, NLP, Kinesiology and many more