Alistair Schofield

Founding Director, MyBrain International

Alistair Schofield

Founding Director
MyBrain International


Following a degree in Economics Alistair joined the computer industry with Burroughs Machines, later to become Unisys. He quickly moved into a sales role and, in the mid 1980's, took responsibility for sales into the electricity supply industry. In recognising an opportunity that was emerging as a result of the privatisation process, Alistair defined and implemented a sales strategy based on niche domination and, during the next 5 years cornered 90% of the market.

During the 1990's Alistair held a variety of senior management positions within Unisys ending as Director of European Alliances, driving partnership programmes with other major IT companies across Europe.

In 1997 Alistair joined the life and pensions industry as Sales Director at Scottish Provident. He radically reorganised the sales division and during the next 4 years achieved compound annual growth in excess of 55% with the target market share rising to more than 32% while Sales Division costs were reduced by more than 20%.

Alistair had frequently used training and development programmes to lay the foundations for step-change within the organisations he worked for. However, his disillusionment with the training industry had led him to develop his own programmes that were intrinsically linked to business goals. It is on the basis of this experience that, in 2003, he founded the immensely successful leadership development company Extensor, which since then has worked with numerous UK and multinational clients.

To assist in his leadership development work Alistair developed a profiling instrument based on neuroscience. This proved so successful that in 2007 he co-founded MyBrain International as a company dedicated to furthering research into the link between the physical brain and psychology. Today, MyBrain International has accredited Practitioners working in multiple countries around the world and applying this knowledge in their own training and coaching work.



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