Avril Williamson

Executive Director, The People Practice

Avril Williamson

Executive Director
The People Practice


Avril has been in field of Human Resources for the past 27 years. Her experiencehas been gained across a ray of diverse industries including Manufacturing, ICT, Telecommunications, Public and Higher Education Sectors, where she held Senior and Executive Director roles in large corporates such as DaimlerChrysler, SARS, BMW South Africa, Vodacom, DHA and SRSA. These environments are highly demanding and complex. As a seasoned HRprofessional,she has a passion for people with interests inleadership, strategy, employee engagement, talent management and development, change management and transformation.

Her strength lies in developing HR Strategy that is aligned to the key business objectives. She empowers herpeople to drive andexecute the strategy. She has enabled HR Practioners to deliver a value added human capital service that is tailored to meet the clients’ expectations. This success has been informed by sound HR Communication andHR initiatives, together with interventions and programmes that have been implemented using project management principles.

Avril has received severalaccolades, with the most recent one award to SRSA from the South African Board of People Practice, for the best overall award within the Private Sector for the period 2018.



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