Chowdhury Abd-Allah Quaseed

Organizational Growth and Transformation Consultant, : Q&M Solutions and ODG Consultants

Chowdhury Abd-Allah Quaseed

Organizational Growth and Transformation Consultant, : Q&M Solutions and ODG Consultants


After completing 20 years of serving in a corporate career spanning across various sectors, ranging from Banking, Shipping & Logistics, IT Infrastructure, Apparels and Textile, Food & Beverage, and having imparted trainings and worked as a part time consultant for Media, Development and UN Organizations, Multinationals, Telcos, Local Corporates, Banks, Pharmaceuticals and many other sectors, Chowdhury Quaseed has ventured out upon his own since November or 2018, and is currently an HR Development , Organizational Growth and Transformation Consultant working under the banner of ODG Consultants (Organizational Development and Growth Consultants - his own firm) and Q&M Solutions (a partnership consulting firm, engaged in various forms of consulting businesses). He is already working with a number of high value clients. His main work with them is to understand their systems and procedures and identify gaps and areas for improvements and then working on those to help the companies attain better performance and growth. The work encompasses refining organizational strategies, developing HR and OD areas, sales, customer relations, as well as learning and development and can also work on production efficiencies and finance utilizing his network of specialists in various areas- thereby leading to a comprehensive impact on the organization. He also assists some companies in accessing growth funds and investments. His main focus is in improving people and the way they work and the processes that they follow, to bring about the desired impact on the company.

He is currently rendering his services as an HR and Organizational Development Advisor for Savar Textiles and Surma Garments Group, as well as MACES Education Consultants. He is also working as a Communications and Public Image Consultant for M K Footwear Industries Limited, and was responsible for launching the company in October 2019. He is also the Communications and Public Image Director of Rotary Club of Banani Model Town; Program Director for “EnterTrainment” Program of Travel Art - a tourism company that arranges outbound training programs and workshops in other countries combining the concept of travel and learning. He also conducted a series of workshops for Bank Asia on “Improving Communication, and Enhancing Leadership and Productivity” and conducted batch-wise motivational workshops for 2250 sales professionals of Square Toiletries and Square Food and Beverage Limited on the topic of “Having the Positive Mindset for Boosting Sales and Overall Performance”, and has conducted batch-wise motivational workshops for National Agri-Care Limited (one of the largest agro chemical companies of the country) on “Achieving Targets and Boosting Performance”. He also carried out a comprehensive consulting assignment for the largest fibre-optic network and internet backbone service provider of the country on the subject of “Building a Robust CRM” and in doing that, going into revamping the total SOPs of all related departments, conducting satisfaction surveys among clientele etc. He assisted with capital raising for one of the top 5 “travel management and aggregator” company in the tourism sector of Bangladesh; assisted his former employer Ananta Group in preparing for and winning the 2019 DHL-Daily Star national business awards; and did the total investment consulting and business expansion planning for a major plastic industry of Bangladesh (who cannot be named for NDA clauses).

He is uniquely equipped to work in multiple areas, as an Organizational Development and Strategic Growth Consultant, as well as a Trainer of various soft skills which are needed in almost every area of work and in every field, because of having a 21 year career spanning across many different sectors as mentioned earlier. All of these experiences endows him with the ability to view organizations from a holistic view, enhancing his ability to consult and advise. The arommunication Skills, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Office Management, Time and Stress Management, Sales Skills, Customer Service and many more!

He started his career in 1998 in Singapore as a Management Trainee at Sea Consortium Pte Limited, the largest Feeder Vessel Operator in Singapore at the time. He then moved to HSBC in 1999, where he helped to design all the process flow diagrams for all the banking and branch operations and helped the Bangladesh wing of the bank to get the ISO certification. He also won a number of highest awards for sales while there. He then moved on to BRAC Bank as Business Development Manager and helped set up the first 4 branches of the bank, and also launched all the retail banking products of the bank, including having designed the logic framework for the banking software. He also worked on the branding of the bank and launched the first sales team and trained the group of 40. From there at the end of 2002, he moved on to become an independent corporate trainer and conducted over 5000 hours of trainings for numerous prestigious organizations locally and internationally, including 26 rounds of trainings for GrameenPhone – Telenor Bangladesh; for MNCs like Paxar, Avery Dennison, DHL, and many other local corporate bodies such as NOVOTEL, General Pharma, and many others. He also conducted trainings for United Nations, specifically for FAO Bangladesh as well as FAO Nepal office as many as 3 times. He was one of the most sought after trainers between 2004 and 2008. He also conducted trainings for Arla Foods ( Dano) and Accenture Bangladesh as well. He also worked as a lead consultant for Seba Consulting Group and did many projects for GIZ, Katalyst and many other international donor agencies. He then joined as Head of HR, MIS and Dhaka Operations of KDS Accessories of KDS Group, one of the largest groups of companies in the garments sector, for whom he had done many rounds of trainings as well and had carried out a leadership identification and grooming program in 2006 After about 2 years with them, he moved on to TechValley Group (the distributors of SUN Microsystems and CISCO in Bangladesh) as Head of HR and OD, and was also given the role of Business Head for Sun Division through which he successfully completed many large scale corporate deals with banks, telcos, universities etc. He also conducted many trainings for the company and its affiliate companies. He was there for 2 years, before moving to Ananta Group, owned by Mr Sharif and Asif Zahir, where Quaseed worked for 7 years as Director HR, Compliance, Welfare and Admin. Here he helped transform the entire organizational practices and culture and infused many motivational schemes for employees and worked as part of the apex management team at a strategic level, helping directly to grow the company from only 7000 people to 25000 people and a revenue of 40 million to 350 million USD of annual export! He helped set up over 8 massive factories and on boarded over 17000 people and trained them for their roles. He was recognized by many buyers and also IFC India for creating one of the best HR Policy manuals in the industry and it was used as a benchmark example by GAP for their other suppliers. He also helped to make HR a strategic function and helped the whole company governed through performance management concepts. He also worked in on-boarding over 20 clothing brands for the company as buyers. He then moved on to become the Communication Consultant for Alliance for Better Worker Safety, a compliance enforcement body formed by all American clothing brands sourcing out of Bangladesh. He also joined Gweebarra Food and Bakery Industries Limited as HR & Strategic Business Development Director and eventually took upon responsibility as total operations director for 2 years, before finally commencing upon his journey as a consultant.

In addition to all this, he also produced and hosted several very popular TV programs between 2006 and 2012 in Bangla Vision, Gazi TV and Channel I, which are 3 of the most popular national tv channels of Bangladesh. Quaseed is also well known for being a very impactful motivational speaker and career guidance counselor and has been a guest lecturer at many universities including NSU, IBA, East West University, AIUB, South East University, City University, Manarat International University, BUET, City College, Narayanganj College and many more. He is also a frequent contributor of articles to The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune, The Bangladesh Post. Quaseed was awarded in 2018, with a Commonwealth Study Circle Leadership Scholarship to attend their 3 week program on Leadership Development and Cultural Intelligence, spread across two locations - London and Delhi across 2018 and 19 in 2 segments. He also has won the accolade of “100 Most Influential Global HR Leader” in 2017 and 18 from World HR Congress and a number of other awards from the same forum on behalf of the companies that he worked for. He also won the Citizens Open Forum Award of 2017 for contribution in people development in Bangladesh. He has also formed a non-profit organization called Build Bangladesh Foundation, the purpose of which is to organize round table conferences and gather positive opinions on managing the country better.

He was educated from the first private university of Bangladesh - North South University from which he graduated as a Business Major with specialization in HR, Finance and Accounting, within the top 5% of his batch. He was also attained the 2nd highest points in Senior Cambridge exams from this testing zone of East India, Bangladesh and Nepal in 1991 and did his schooling from the prestigious Greenherald International School followed by pre-university schooling from Scholastica.

Apart from all of this, Quaseed represented Bangladesh and North South University in 3 World Universities Debating Championships, outperforming over 400 teams from over 50 countries, across the 3 tournaments. He is remembered at NSU, among the students Hall of Fame as “Golden Alumni of NSU” and was also the President of the NSU Debate Club, the Secretary General of Young Entrepreneurs Society and one of the founder Vice Presidents of AIESEC (the biggest global student organization)’s Bangladesh chapter in 1997. He has helped organize several international conferences and massive national conferences through these organizations. He was also the Director International Opportunities of JCI (Junior Chamber International) Bangladesh, and also an active member of IBFB, the International Business Forum of Bangladesh. In 2017 he organized the “Talks to Inspire Bangladesh” involving over 10 American motivational speakers and a panel of local speakers including himself. In addition to all of this, Quaseed has been affiliated with many other activities, including facilitating discussions and events for American Alumni Association, Fashion Development Council of Bangladesh and many more such organizations.
He is an avid traveler, having travelled for his work and touristic explorations, about 30 countries of the world, was a martial arts practitioner, a ramp, print and TV model, an actor in many stage dramas and much more.



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