David Mc Goldrick

Chief People Officer, Comfort Keepers Ireland

David Mc Goldrick

Chief People Officer
Comfort Keepers Ireland


David Mc Goldrick currently regarded as one of the most influential HR thinkers, organisational provocateurs and HR culture disrupters.

Mc Goldrick’s input to the HR and organisational world include the continuation of the rise of AI, the emerging megatrends of demographics within the global workforce and the development of the Digitizing of Organisations.

David has developed a strong international reputation as a conference speaker around his fields of expertise, which spans all aspects of HR with a particular focus on Leadership Development and the implementation of service-centric cultures and Organisational performance drivers. With over 20 years of Senior HR executive management experience within, Retail, Manufacturing, Transport, Airlines, and HealthCare sectors. David has Worked companies ranging from The Carphone Warehouse, Ryanair to now Comfort Keepers / Sodexo.

He is highly accomplished in all areas of HR development and is mainly known for his practical and practical approach he takes to transformational leadership and engagement programs.

David was ranked in the top 20 Global HR leader Global index in 2016, and is widely recognised internationally for his extensive multi-industry experience and has continuously contributed to the global discussion around defining the role of HR within the organisational sphere.

He has been over the last number of years refining new and innovate approach to leadership development, within evolving generational demographic trends and an ever-shrinking talent pool. David is focused on the new challenges that today's organisations face, where within the ever-changing digital workplace, further complications are arising, by an emerging trend of looser employee affiliation to the organisation, where now employee authenticity and mobility have replaced loyalty and advancement as benchmarks of status and success.



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