Deepak Manek

Director of Human Resources, SITA

Deepak Manek

Director of Human Resources


Deepak Manek, Director of Human Resources (Middle East, India & Africa) at SITA, a global information technology company that provides IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry. As one of the most internationally diverse companies, SITA serves over 200 countries and territories and speaks over 60 different languages.

A passionate leader with a dynamic personality, Deepak has over 15 years of experience spread across four continents and diverse HR functions. Deepak believes, a people first approach grounded in sound HR principles, an environment of learning and a growth mindset, are key to a thriving company.

Deepak's colleagues describe him as a strategic thinker, with a sensitive and pragmatic approach. He is seen as confident, approachable and fun to work with.

A CIPD qualified Human Resources professional, Deepak started his career in 2004, in Dubai with Schlumberger - a Fortune 500 oil field services company. In the years that followed he went on to work with them in the UK, Cameroon, and USA. Schlumberger’s culture of investing in its people had a strong influence on Deepak.

Deepak believes, working in different countries with diverse groups of people has been personally enriching and rewarding while adding greater depth and dimension to his professional experience.

At SITA Deepak is responsible for managing the full scope of HR strategy, consultation and delivery across Middle East, India and Africa.

It is Deepak’s view that in this age of digitization and relentless change, HR has a crucial role to play. The digital revolution is also a Human revolution. Roles are being redefined, people and businesses are being challenged to rethink and reinvent themselves. In the midst of all this flux HR is in the spotlight, it’s expertise and impact are being recognized more than ever.



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