Divya Puri

Global - Human Resources Manager, Intertec Systems LLC

Divya Puri

Global - Human Resources Manager
Intertec Systems LLC


A result-driven professional, Divya has successfully balanced the “strategic” and “execution” role as an HR leader at Intertec Systems, a leading system integrator in the Middle East, across all its offices in India, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Divya is leading the overall HR function in the current role for the past 8 years and has played a pivotal role in the transition of the company both in terms of growth and employee strength.

With over 12 years’ experience, Divya has started her career with second largest Indian largest software company Tata Consultancy Services and later to Supermax, the largest blade manufacturers in the world where she handled role of HR Business Partner and Talent Management.

In her entire career, she has been driven by developing people’s strength and working closely with the strategic and business teams to deliver and contribute positively to the bottom line for the company while developing a millennium culture, nurturing the talent and integrating technologies to optimize HR functions to the growing need of business.

With an optimum blend of business management and HR skills, Divya has proved her excellence both at the management table and at executing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Divya has always approached her roles at different organizations and at all levels from two main perspectives; tangible commercial value her role brings to the table and the constant evolution of organization to thrive across revenue, quality, culture and talent pool.

Divya is constantly driven to develop a motivated workforce through measures which constantly factors in the agile nature of today’s businesses whether it’s managing the generation gap, developing synergy between sales, marketing, quality control, and service delivery and strategically aligns the overall company objectives with individual drivers. Divya has successfully implemented Employee Branding initiatives and data-driven decisions to improvise talent acquisition and retention process and seamlessly driven to establish a bond between the talent and the company which is beyond the financial remuneration and a signed contract copy. Divya is a Postgraduate in HR Management and GPHR Certified and SHRM- SCP certified professional apart from various other certifications she holds in Compensation and performance management.



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