Emmanuel Zvada

Chief HR Disrupter and Advisor, 3rdEye Africa Consulting Group

Emmanuel Zvada

Chief HR Disrupter and Advisor
3rdEye Africa Consulting Group


Emmanuel Zvada is the Chief HR Disrupter and Advisor for 3rdEye Africa Consulting Group. He is recognized as anoutstanding Human Resources Professional in Southern Africa with over 8 years’ experience, as a facilitator and a trusted advisor. His Human Resources expertise wasacquired from the ground up as has worked as an HR consultant in avariety of industries with national and international reach. He is also an HR Author with more than 60 newspaper articles with Newsday a local Zimbabwean newspaper and a few publications. Apart from that he is also an Expert Contributor for 1873 radio South Africa every Thursday with his HR Show where he discusses HR ISSUES. Emmanuel has trained a variety of companies both in the public sector as well as Private sector in Zimbabwe. With his Age (29 years old) Emmanuel has achieved and contributed a lot in the HR fraternity which could have taken someone years to attain. He also holds his Masters in Strategic Management and Bachelors’ Degree in Human Resources management and various certificates related to his field. In the field of HR Emmanuel has given advisory services to many start-up companies and has also managed to nature and mentor several youngsters in the profession of HR through his HR Emancipation Club.

1) Board Member Maidetti Business Advisory Group
2) Wrote an HR book on Amazon on (High Performance Work Practices)
3) 1 publication on Stress Management 2019 Publication
4) 26 Articles for Masvingo Mirror 2018
5) 50 Articles for Newsday on HR Matters in 2018 -Ongoing featuring every Tuesday.
6) Expert contributor -Thriving Magazine South Africa
7) Elected as a Recruitment Coordinator YaliAlumina Board Zimbabwe



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