Haikal M. Z Akmar

General Manager, Human Resources, Uoa Group

Haikal M. Z Akmar

General Manager, Human Resources
Uoa Group


Haikalserves as the General Manager, Human Resources for United Overseas AustraliaGroup, (“UOA Group”). Headquartered in Malaysia, UOA is one of the leading real estate development and property investment listed on the stock exchange in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

A Gen-Y HR leader, Haikal has worked in various organisations at a local and regional level and has more than 15 years of experience, primarily in hospitality, property development and retail.

In his current role, Haikalplays a vital role in building people and culture in line with human capital strategies within UOA Group in driving excellence and growth. His primary focus is building human capital values and talent capability and a talent pipeline through efficient talent management and operational excellence.



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