Jeevaraj Pillai

Joint President - Packaging & New Product Development, Uflex Limited

Jeevaraj Pillai

Joint President - Packaging & New Product Development,
Uflex Limited


Jeevaraj Pillai is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA. He has been working with Uflex for the past 23 years and has over 34 years of experience in Flexible Packaging.

He is a seasoned player in Packaging industry and his expertise spans through the entire gamut of packaging technology from Pre-press and cylinder making, different types and grades of film making, to high end conversion of flexible packaging material. His skills include sound understanding of web handling, extrusion and coating technology and bag making for varied applications.

On the sustainability front, he has been working for the past 10 years on addressing the issue of the damage caused to the Environment by plastic-litter, by implementing various measures including Recycling of Multi-Layer Plastics. He has been actively involved in the development of a viable Bio -degradable option for the packaging industry including that under Litter conditions. His contribution in implementing the Energy Curing Technology in flexible packaging has resulted in a substantial reduction in carbon footprint.

He also has an active participattion in introducing value added products in packaging industry like Cast and Cure systems, Hot Foil Stamping on Flexibles, 3D-Hologram Embossing, Actively Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology, Easy tear PET, OPP, PE and new generation Flexi-Tubes. He has presented paper on Plastic Packaging and Environment, Application of E-beam Technology, Anti-counterfeiting options and Anti-Microbial Films to name a few.



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