Kenneth Kwan

Author and High Performance Strategist, Deep Impact Pte. Ltd.

Kenneth Kwan

Author and High Performance Strategist
Deep Impact Pte. Ltd.


Kenneth Kwan is an Author, Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker, who has trained and spoken to over tens of thousands of professionals in about developing a success-oriented mindset and what is required to lead sustainable change. He has helped Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and Government Organisations shift employee mindsets to help them create proactive and high-performance cultures.

He specialises in moving people from being problem focused to solution focused. He also delivers keynotes at conferences and conducts strategic planning retreats with senior management teams to help them identify clear measurable and action steps in their planning process. Businesses who work with Kenneth say that they have increased staff motivation, optimism and a sense of individual ownership.

Kenneth's work has also been featured in radio and TV Interviews. His book and ideas on Small Steps To Big Changes has used by the Singapore government in the change management process.



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