Kunal Wadhwani

Group Head of Human Resources, Choithrams

Kunal Wadhwani

Group Head of Human Resources


Kunal is the Group Head of Human Resources at Choithrams& he caters to the needs of over 4500 employees in the Middle East Region. He is also a Keynote & Motivational speaker who believes in using his creativity for solving problems. His approach not only saves hiscompany considerable expense and time, but also strengthens relationships with external institutions, agencies and organizations.

Kunal’s passion and focus hassuccessfully switchedhis organizations culture from a hierarchical “command and control” environment, to one which enables “trusted teams” to take accountability for customer advocacy. Critical to this was developing a climate where employees feel engaged and energized.

Kunal has a master’s degree in Human Resources & he is also a certified compensation specialist. He has led award winning HR interventions which not only increased the shop floor productivity, but also enhanced the organizations brand image. Kunalis also a guest speaker at various universities. He conducts keynotes with student groups to share insights on leadership, conflict, stress management & how to incorporate fun in your modern-day corporate life. In his spare time, Kunal competes as a professional ten pin bowler & enjoys his scuba diving routine.

He was successively recognized as one of the “100 Top Global HR Minds” at the Global HR Excellence Awards 2018 - 19.



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