Laurence Vanhee

Chief Happiness Officer, Happyformance

Laurence Vanhee

Chief Happiness Officer


Laurence Vanhee has a vision : the world of work will be much more efficient and sustainable if people are happy. Happy employees make happy customers who make happy stakeholder. After more than 18 years as HR professional involved in strategic transformations, Laurence founded Happyformance in 2013, a consulting firm aimed at helping businesses, organizations and governments to develop a business and human strategy based on the following formula “Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness + Performance”.

As from 2010, when she worked at the multi awarded Belgian Ministry for Social Security, Laurence changed her title of HR SVP into Chief Happiness Officer. She has developed a strong and efficient method to co-create organizations more sustainably successful, agile and efficient. The importance of happiness at work is at the heart of her philosophy. Her pragmatic models in HR, Leadership, Organisational Development, Workplace design and Holistic Transformation that are taught today in European Business Schools.

Based on her career of 15+ years in Human Resources at international level in different economic sectors, and thanks to her achievements and contributions to the HR Community, Laurence has been rewarded with the title of HR Manager of the Year in 2012 in Belgium. Her book “Happy HR”, is yet a bestseller in French speaking countries and has been selected as one of the 3 best HR books in France in 2013 (Stylo d’Or, ANDRH).



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