Dr. Paras

Executive Leadership Coach, Matrrix

Dr. Paras

Executive Leadership Coach


Over 15 + years of experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Behaviour Training Intervention and Life Coaching Roles. Paras holds an extensive experience of working with multiple teams with members from different parts of the world. He has successfully bridged the gap between cultures, communities, ethnicity, age, and more. He has augmented the growth of every company he partnered with, by ensuring teams work as one cohesive unit. He achieved this unity by making them understand themselves, and initializing a better connection with others. He inculcated empathy while driving home many values necessary for the smooth functioning of firms. *Paras has handled this situation for firms such as Loreal, Sesa Goa, Dassault Systemes, ARaymond, LG, Emmerson, etc. *Names shared with prior consent.

Paras has dealt with multiple projects that required coordination with vendors and contractors. He founded his firm, Matrrix in 2015, followed by Dr. Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd and Iinner Universe Education Foundation (IIUEF), a not-for-profit organization earlier this year, and founding member of Tava-mitram CSR initiative under IIUEF to provide group coaching for less fortunate and with a dream to empower nation. He has maneuvered working with professionals from the content, design, social media management world, to collaboration with coaches, trainers, educators, communication specialists, legal teams, and more. This required a strong understanding of people management from varied backgrounds while coordinating smoothly to achieve business objectives.



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