Sarah Richson

CEO, Richemele International Consultants

Sarah Richson

Richemele International Consultants


Sarah Richson is a Global Award-winning CEO of Richemele International Consultants; Co-founding Director at Yusudi (Youth) Africa; and Network Co-Director at Women in Technology International (WIN). Sarah Richson is a thought leader and influencer with deep experience and vast mastery of the 21st century workplace trends and analytics, which has seen her travel the world as a renowned Global Speaker. Sarah's passion and work is highly recognized and she is now an award-winning expert; having been honored with an award during the global WEF (Women Economic Forum) where she was named 'Exceptional Woman of Excellence - 2018". Her speech CO the award ceremony was TrUing Change through Data Analytics1. She is a master trainer on topics around team bonding, High Performance Teams, Personal Branding, Organization Change and Development, HR Analytics and Digitization for M-house teams as well as through IHRM Kenya. As a Master Trainee she has partnered with IFC World Bank for her vast knowledge and expertise to train on Diversity and Inclusiok Gender Intelligence, Unconscious bias and Leading with the Heart. Sarah is a Cerified Executive Coach and Governance expert. She also holds a Degree in International Business and Management; as well as an MBA from the Ilk, where she studied, lived and worked for nearly 2 decades, this positions her as a disting tred. Strategist and International OD Consultant. Her impressive footprint and knowledge is grouflA on practical wisdom, having undertaken diverse assignments including building the capacity for thousands of professionals globally as well as working on complex mternational assigmnents. Fah has also held seruor strategic roles which include being a Global HR Director overseeing 20e geographies across UK, USA, data and Africa, cutting across Leadership and Organization Strategy. Sarah is undoubtedly one of the most skilled outplacement experts in the region having worked with NGOs like Heifer International (Kenya/Uganda), DAI (USAir)) partners, AEU', Africa Lead, to help with the effective transition of staff as projects end. She is an expert in the Leadership pipeline and High-Performance Team Development & Profiling; she has successfully run the course in organizations such as Brighter Monday University of Maryland, Barclays Bank, Swiss Embassy, Communications Authority of Kenya, Eco bank Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania. As a sought-after Global Women Leaders speaker, Sarah speaks at several high-profile Conferences including the following in 2018 alone: Global women conference Dubai, East African Legal Society Zanzibar, WIT/ Global in California, Women Economic Formal lndik and Executive live in Sydney Australia.

Sarah Richson is a varne-thiven leader and her life is underpinned by four personal values which are constant theme in her work life and relations; Speed, Creativity, Clarity and Caring. Sarah is intrigued with fashion, Edu-travel and chocolate. She is happilyjpried and is a proud mother of six beautiful children!



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