Shamima Akhtar Khanom

Head HR, Nitol Niloy Division

Shamima Akhtar Khanom

Head HR
Nitol Niloy Division


Shamima Akhtar Khanom, SPHRi, An International certified Senior HR professional from USA working as Head HR of Niloy Motors Ltd concern of NitolNiloy Group, Bangladesh. She is self-disciplined and always committed and prepared to her goals.She knows how to multiply the options available to her and make the most of them, keep learning and becoming better at what she does every day.By speaking the truth and being honest, she alwayssupports her words with actions that helps pursue her continuous success.

Ms.Shamima formulateown code of conduct based on her most important values, and make sure her conduct is grounded in it. She always walks through her fears to make herself mentally tough. She can lead with confidence but ask for help when she need it. Her commitment to always keep growing, learning, and evolving will always pay offto her.

Ms.Shamimahas faith in that the key to a disciplined life is identifying the most important things to her. There are always be people, opportunities, ideas, and distractions coming at her all at once, but by being disciplined and purposeful, she can be open and still stay in control. Knowing what to say yes to and what to turn down can be the difference between success and failure.She adept at planning, coordination, and collaborating and she got there by building habits of organizing, arranging, systemizing, and scheduling to make things happen. She is able to cajole, encourage, and incentivize people.

She believesmore than anything else, high standards are a prerequisite for success. You will always have opportunities to cut corners, do things halfway, and show up halfheartedly, but if you hold yourself and others to a higher standard, you'll be surprised at how much they (and you) can stand out and succeed.

With 12+ yearsof multilevel of experience, she is leading the HR Function of Niloy Motors Ltd, a leading Automobile Industry in Bangladesh with superior endeavor. She has Proven ability to provide critical support in the development and implementation of HR strategies that achieve business results. She Possess a fine blend of HR experiences in different companies within the group. She is the owner of lots of business-driven HR initiatives which makes the business growth immense.

Ms.Shamima Completed MBA in HR with Graduation & post-Graduation in Mathematics. She also completed LCMC course from IBA, DU and also did her Diploma in HR from London Corporate Training, London, UK. She has been awarded as Most Innovative HR Leaders 2018 by Asia Pacific HRM Congress held in Bangaluru, India.She is fellow member of BSHRM & BOLD and also Global Goodwill Ambassadors and President of Employers Committee of Bangladesh German Technical Institute.



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