Sheetal Shah

Creative Learning and Development Facilitator and Executive Leadership Coach, Kenya

Sheetal Shah

Creative Learning and Development Facilitator and Executive Leadership Coach


Sheetal Shah is a creative learning and development facilitator and executive leadership coach with international experience. With over 23 years of personal research and experience in the field of personal change, self-mastery, leadership and creative mindfulness, Sheetal's expertise is in creating a space in which people can realize their own leadership potential.

As an executive coach, Sheetal pays close attention to the needs of her clients and is imaginative and intuitive in the methods used to help clients move towards their goals. She is the second Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in Kenya to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also the first certified teacher in Africa for the world renowned Search Inside Yourself programme. She is a Master NLP Practitioner and is also certified in psychometrics and leadership coaching. She holds a Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change from Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK and HEC University in Paris

Sheetal has significant experience working with a broad range of international and national clients that include various UN agencies, CEOS and senior managers from the corporate sector, small and growing business enterprises, government bodies and non-governmental organizations. She has been responsible for designing and running the coaching programme for the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) from 2008 to 2016. She is based in Kenya but has worked internationally as a coach and facilitator in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Europe, Canada, Panama, and India. Her passion is to work with leaders and support them in creating places of work that are both inspiring, impactful and that foster cultures of creativity and collaboration. She is able to coach skilfully in either virtual or face to face settings. She has successfully coached clients from all five continents using video based calls. She has a unique way of building trust and rapport that allows her to create impactful dialogue and reflection which moves participants towards a new model of behaviour.

As a facilitator, she uses the art of stories, participative exercises and immersion experiences to create an active learning environment. She is a certified Living Values Trainer with experience in helping organizations translate values into everyday behaviour. Her work centres around helping leaders to be authentic, ethical and exemplary in all their interactions. She sees her role as coach and facilitator as that of a transformation catalyst.

“We often lead and act from historical assumptions, learned behaviors and unquestioned habits that limit our ability to lead in more resourceful and creative ways. As a transformation catalyst, I design and offer a safe space for my clients to step back and examine their habits and behaviors and redesign their internal mental positioning so that they can experiment with new forms of behaviors and leadership styles” - Sheetal Shah



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