Sylvia Jagla

Neuro-Leadership and Business Consultant, Coach & Trainer, Czech Republic.

Sylvia Jagla

Neuro-Leadership and Business Consultant, Coach & Trainer, Czech Republic.


Recently awarded the “101 Most Fabulous Global Coaching Leaders" award at the World HRD Congress 2020 in Mumbai-India, Sylvia Jagla is a Neuro-Leadership and Business Consultant, Coach, and Trainer who helps companies enhance contentment, satisfaction, and consciousness to grow with meaning and purpose in a happier and healthier workplace and remote work using the power of science-backed strategies and mindfulness.

Through her coaching, training and consulting agency which she established in January 2019, she partners with businesses to improve their leadership and company culture in four key components: Remote Work, Digital Transformation, Leadership Development, and Engagement.

She was leading transformation projects and consulting executives and leaders within the biggest telecommunication merger in Europe. A deep understanding of neuroscience and company change is her foundation.

Over 10+ years she’s been working with thousands of leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world. Sylvia provides coaching, training and consulting for conscious change in small business, Start-Ups, e-Commerce, and corporates with Telefónica being her largest client.

She combines street and book smart to close generation gaps, creates a positive and agile mindset at workplaces and specializes in remote work, leaders as coaches and future of work to evolve leadership, company culture, and human potential through mindset, Neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Peak performance and growth strategy go hand in hand to stop the epidemic development of stress and loneliness through happiness at the workplace. Her unique consulting, coaching and workshops transform leaders and companies.

In May 2020, Sylvia will start with her MBA International Business Management & Leadership in Germany and currently holds a Bachelor of Art in Human Resources and International Management as well as Certification in Neuroscience Leadership Coaching.

Her purpose-driven work focuses especially on happiness, greater joy, and contentment within the digital age - while working remotely or alone. Her mission: To change the way the world works – join the global Conscious Leaders Community.



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