Vinnie Raviraj

Senior Director - People & Talent Acquisition, SRG Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd

Vinnie Raviraj

Senior Director - People & Talent Acquisition
SRG Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd


Vinnie’s career highlights and passion for Talent extends with 20 years of her work experience, being part of well established, large, multinational and global organizations. Her work scope over the years in Malaysia and ASIA has uniquely positioned her as one of the SME for TALENT / HR, amongst corporate Malaysia. Simultaneously with her experience in the outsourcing and BPO (GBS sector) for the last 18 years, her career had focused on utilizing Talent / Employee strategy mainly on; acquisition, retention & development. In addition, her career journey broadens her involvement in global / regional talent/employee prospects ; imparting culture, diversity, HR & labornuances of new geos. Vinnie’s determination had shaped her efforts in bringing change to the industry, serving great value towards foreign companies expanding in Malaysia & Asia. With a strong interest in Global Business Services (GBS), Vinnie is currently appointed into SRG as the Senior Director - HR & TA where her major focus comprises organization redesign and culture transformation of the organization’s holistic Talent / Employee matters and strategic expansion.
Vinnie has also been actively involved in advocating, empowering and inspiring leaders and organizations, through her involvement in thought leadership efforts mainly for Industry arenas, interactive forums, and conferences where she advocates not only talent/employee matters but also “WOMEN’s” agenda and justhow they'd benefit corporate Malaysia. Her partnership and success with Industry/Academia efforts with local universities and MSC/ICT initiatives, are fruits of the seeds she sowed.



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