Vivek Sundaram

Director and Partner, TransforMe Learning Leadership Solutions

Vivek Sundaram

Director and Partner
TransforMe Learning Leadership Solutions


Vivek Sundaram is a master storyteller. Through the power of story he inspires individuals across organisations to harness their leadership potential and achieve maximum effectiveness. As a Director and Partner at TransforMe Learning Leadership Solutions, Mr. Sundaram has worked with leaders in both small-business enterprises as well as Fortune 500 organisations helping them capitalise on great capabilities.

TransforMe is an award-winning results-based learning firm focused on enabling personal transformation through their “Inside-Out” philosophy. In 2018, TransforMe was featured on the cover of Silicon India Magazine as one of `20 Most Promising Workforce Development Companies'. The company has 5 offices across India and Australia. Vivek Sundaram heads the TransforMe team in India to design and deliver customised interventions that are focused on the organisational vision to drive individual and leadership excellence. Mr. Sundaram is also a certified neuroscience practitioner and an avid adventure biker.



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