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Feedback 2017

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Marshall Goldsmith

FROM : Marshall Goldsmith
TO : Dr. R. L. Bhatia,

Dear Raju,

Greetings from Rancho Santa Fe!

Thank you for much for your wonderful note.

Thank you for your friendship, support and great work.

I saw many people who love and adore you!

Life is good.

- Marshall

Asif Iqbal

FROM : Asif Iqbal
TO : Dr . R. L. Bhatia,

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Hope this email finds you in best of your health and professional spirit. Thank you once again for making me a part of such an outstanding and important event in Mumbai i.e. World HRD Congress 2017. It was my pleasure to contribute to the Congress with a session on 'Leadership Pipeline' on 15th Feb and also to receive an award - '100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals' from your prestigious organization. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you.

Thank you again for your appreciation and care. Please feel free to reach out to me for any assistance and further contributions like this in the future. I will be delighted to be a part of such events with the best of my ability.

Thanks and with warm regards,

Asif Iqbal

Divya Gupta

FROM : Divya Gupta
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia,

At the outset I would like to congratulate you for organizing such a great event at Mumbai.

I was honored to receive the "Young HR professional of the year" award on 15th Feb 2017. My experience of attending the event was very enriching and provided wonderful opportunity to connect with esteemed HR fraternity and the most prestigious World HRD Congress team.

Looking forward to a long association with the forum.


Divya Gupta

Human Resource Manager

Taj Palace, New Delhi

Richa Pande

FROM : Richa Pande
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia and the Organizing team

World HRD conference was a grand success. Congratulations !

Wonderful team effort by the team, under the guidance of Dr Bhatia.


Richa Pande

Chief People Officer


Shahwar Banu

FROM : Shahwar Banu
TO : Dr. Bhatia and Team,

Congratulations to you and your entire team for putting up a great grand show which is truly memorable.

The show was very well organized & the arrangements were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahwar Banu

Senior Manager - Human Resources

EVRY India Pvt. Ltd.

(Formerly SPAN Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd.)

Samina Banu

FROM : Samina Banu
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Would like to congratulate you for the successful completion of the grand event of 25th Edition of the World HRD Congress 2017. Must say, it was a great show. Appreciate your and your team's hard work, efforts and sincerity for putting up such a great show.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this event. It would be my pleasure and interest to be connected with all such events in future as well.

Looking forward to stay associated.

Also, hope your health is better now. Take care.

Thanks & Regards

Samina Banu

Human Resources


Nancy Muriuki

FROM : Nancy Muriuki
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia,

I wish to express my deep heartfelt gratitude to you and your able team for the wonderful congress that you put together for us all. I am particularly thankful that you aim to institutionalize how people are recognized and appreciated. I am thinking of how it can be done in Kenya and Africa.

The event was very well organized and the speakers were World Class. The content was relevant and sound. The organization was excellent. My husband whose background is engineering and supply chain said it was a life changing event. Thank you very much for your support in getting him to participate.

Once again, congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of HRD.

We look forward to receiving the PPT and the official Award Photos,

I have not yet checked if there is an evaluation form on your web site but it would be good to have feedback to you that encourages and helps in future events.

Finally I do hope that you were able to take a rest over the weekend

It is well deserved rest, please take it.

With thanks,

Nancy Muriuki

Smita Mitra

FROM : Smita Mitra
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the wonderful event. Thank you & your team for recognizing and encouraging talent across sectors and domains.

It's indeed an honor for me to have been one of the recipients , while I accepted the recognition, I realized that this is just a beginning to the exhaustive path that is yet to be achieved.

Special thanks to Abida & Varun for their patient support to many of us.

Warm Regards

Smita Mitra

Human Resources & Administration

Gera Developments Pvt. Ltd.

Kulbir Shergill

FROM : Kulbir Shergill
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia

Thank you so much for inviting me to speak at the conference. I very much enjoyed the session and all the people that I met while I was there. It was a fantastic event, and of course so very pleased to have received an award.

I do hope that you have managed to get some rest. Congratulations on an amazing event.

Kind regards

Kulbir Shergill

Noomaya Jayed

FROM : Noomaya Jayed
TO : Dear Dr.Bhatia,

I am writing this email to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you had given in meeting so many HR professionals from many parts of the world. I must say the program was designed and orchestrated excellently.

A special thanks to Veronica as well, for the warm welcome and quick support and responses, every time.


Noomaya Jayed

Novo Nordisk

Marichen Mortimer

FROM : Marichen Mortimer
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia and the World HRD Congress Team,

I trust that things have returned to normal after the excellent World HRD congress.

I want to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you did before and during the congress - I really appreciate all your hard work. The effects were visible, from the lovely invitations, to the awards made by the differently abled team, to the delicious meals.

Thank you for inviting me to attend and for my citation, it was an honour and a privilege to be part of this occasion.

Should you wish to invite me as a speaker for future events please don't hesitate to contact me - both on the leadership development and coaching front.

In Africa we have a saying: " If you want to walk fast, walk alone If you want to walk far, walk together"

Wishing you all a wonderful journey together.

Warm regards,

Marichen Mortimer

Marichen Mortimer & Associates

Alistair Schofield

FROM : Alistair Schofield
TO : Dr. Raju Bhatia

Now that I am back in the UK I wanted to write to you to thank you for inviting me to attend last week's congress in Mumbai. I thoroughly enjoyed being there and meeting so many enthusiastic and interesting people. Now that we have typed up the contact list of people we met we have found that there were people from 23 countries we spoke to, from as far afield as Canada and Australia!

I am well aware of the tremendous effort that goes into organising events like this, not mention the effort of then getting people to attend, so it is not light praise when I say that I thought you and your staff laid on an amazing event.

I had been contacted by a few people before the event as they had seen my name as a previous award winner, and contacted me to ask whether I thought it was a worthwhile event. I am delighted to say that those people were delighted they had attended and told me that they were planning to come again next year.

I mentioned to you that I was in India before the congress began to train some people as MyBrain Practitioners. It is still early days for us in India but now that we have people on the ground working with us I am hopeful that it will begin to show steady growth. This is something I have you to thank for as it was at the congress last year that I met Shekhar Manelkar, who is now our representative in India.

Anyway, thank you again to you and your team for you hospitality and professionalism, and if there is anything I can do to help you at any time please let me know.

Best wishes


Alistair Schofield


MyBrain International Limited

Nahla Almahmood

FROM : Nahla Almahmood
TO : Dr. Bhatia,

First of all i would like to thank you for the great event that was put together it was a great success, thank you.

Second of all, i'm honored to be chosen to be one of the Super Women Achievers and i shall carry that title with pride.

Thereafter, i wish if your media team can send me one of the pictures taken during the award given so we publish that in the news papers please.

I would to treat that as an urgency before the news become old.

Just in case you don't remember my face, i have attached a shot to make it easy for the photographer to get my picture quickly.


Nahla Almahmood

Divya Amarnath

FROM : Divya Amarnath
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia and the entire World HRD Team

Thank you so much for this picture, a nice capture of a wonderful moment for me!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire team at the World HRD Congress on the amazing experience I had last week. You ways of recognizing professionals was impressive and I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and other like-minded HR professionals.

Thank you again and wish you and your team continued growing success. Do let me know if I may support you in any way.


Divya Amarnath


Ruth Singh

FROM : Ruth Singh
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia,

Thanks to you and your entire team for organizing such a stellar event. Every detail was looked after from the grand stage, the picture panels and the awards itself which were so well designed and tastefully done.

Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee once again and hope that we get to see the Golden Jubilee too!!



Emkay Global

Harinika Kidambi

FROM : Harinika Kidambi
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

Thanks for the great event. It was wonderfully organised and it was such a pleasure to meet all the intellectual dignitaries in one forum.

Kudos to your effort and the team involved. My sincere thanks and congratulations to you for leading this so meticulously.

Harinikaa Kidambi

Head HR Business Partners and Communication

Hitachi Consulting Software Services

Dr. Gerhard Van Rensburg

FROM : Dr. Gerhard Van Rensburg
TO : Hi Dr. Bhatia

Thank you so much for all your hard work for the HRD Congress.

It was so well organised.

I enjoyed it and am glad I attended.

Best Regards

Dr. Gerhard Van Rensburg

Pankaj Suri

FROM : Pankaj Suri
TO : Dr. Bhatia and the World HRD Congress team,

At the outset, I wanted to thank you for hosting an incredible event at Taj Lands End from Feb 15-17, 2017. It was indeed a pleasure to be part of an amazing HR Fraternity. I am happy to mention that each one of us enjoyed the insights we were able to co-create as a group and the quality of discussion that took place. It was a true celebration of learning, sharing and taking away an experience that was meaningful and valuable.

I am sure the World HRD Congress as a platform has become a benchmark of collaborating, communicating, engaging and helping shape success for our people.

I am already excited about the next event in 2018!

With best wishes,

Pankaj Suri

Director - Human Resources

Edelman India Private Limited

Jasveer Malaney

FROM : Jasveer Malaney
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia

Hope you are feeling much better by now!

It was really lovely to meet you again at the WCC, As always I left feeling very inspired and motivated.

Look forward to staying connected and to have the opportunity to be part of your next event.

With warm regards,

Jasveer Malaney

Theresa Ratnam Thong

FROM : Theresa Ratnam Thong
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia the Organizing Team

Thank you very much for the invitation to the World HRD Congress and for all the magnificent work done in ensuring that the Event went on well last week at Taj Lands.

It was a highly energized Event and thank you for the experience, the learning and the Award.

Hope you are getting the much deserved rest.

Wishing you all the best.

Warm regards

Theresa Ratnam Thong

Jared Ouko

FROM : Jared Ouko
TO : Dr. Bhatia

It was such a pleasure meeting you finally. I hope you have recovered from your cold. I'm quite empowered by how you have brought out the best in Global Coaching community. You are like a Tsunami that moves things for the good of all. I'm so proud to be part of this Global Coaching movement and please fell free to involve me in any way. As you prescribed, I'll be ready to propagate coaching and count me in including organizing next congress God willing.

I take this opportunity to also thank Varun for a job well done. His relentless emails to ensure i reached out has made a huge difference. Very professional indeed.

NB- The media in Kenya already picked up conference information on Social media and asked for information. I'd propose that the secretariat puts up a report and send to media houses in Kenya which is an authority in the region. I can send contacts. So happy to have been a part of this and than you again for the opportunity. Your thoughts please. Keep well for now.

Jared D. Ouko

Executive Management & Leadership Coach

The Ken Blanchard Companies

Aytenfisu Worku

FROM : Aytenfisu Worku
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

I would like to thank you for your exceptionally excellent coordination, exceptionally excellent consideration, exceptionally excellent reception, exceptionally excellent dedication during the World HRD Congress. My special thanks goes to Dr. Bhatia for your leadership and vision to recognize HR professionals; to bring them together; to help them achieve their objectives more professional. You are our pioneer. I hope all participants have the same feeling. Personally, I am proud of your recognition as a company CHRO and as an individual. That is one of the most precious achievement in my professional life. My thanks also goes to Michael who has been supporting in the whole process remotely both this year and last year. I have learnt a lot from both of you. God Bless You. Thank you for everything. I would be really happy if I get the video copy of my panel discussion and award program.


Aytenfisu Worku

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Ethio Telecom

Dr. Sathya Menon

FROM : Dr. Sathya Menon
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

I enjoyed the event. I want to appreciate the organizers behind such a massive event.


Dr. Sathya Menon



Executive Director - Academics

Deepak Bharara

FROM : Deepak Bharara
TO : Dear RLB & Team,


Thanks for your mail with attached pics... it has come out nice.

I must congratulate you & your team for putting Perfect 10 grandeur show recognising & acknowledging the work of HR folks in multiple categories.

It requires relentless efforts & preparation to put up show of this magnitude & scale.

Hats of to you & your team...Once again Happy 25th Birthday to World HRD Congress.

Long live the King RL Bhatia Ji & World HRD Congress.


Deepak Bharara


Lanco Infratech Limited

Samir Kaul

Samir Kaul,
Director Human Resource Strategy and Planning,
VIVA Bahrain

Congratulations to you and your team for an exceptional event.

You guys were fantastic. Convey my heart felt good wishes to the whole gang.

Regards Samir Kaul

Vijayant Jolly

Vijayant Jolly,
Head - HR Business Partner & HR Operations,
Karvy Stock Broking Limited

Thanks for the hospitality extended by your team.

Juliet Pratt

Dear Dr Bhatia,

Please accept my sincere congratulations on a brilliant congress and thank-you for acknowledging my achievements with a Women Super Achiever Award.

I enjoyed participating on the panel discussion about "The Invisible Impact of Gender Bias in the Workforce".

Kind regards

Juliet Pratt

Director/Juliet Pratt & Associates Limited

International Inspirational Speaker

Mangala Durwinka

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

It was indeed a pleasure in taking part in the conference and your efforts in organizing such an event is highly commendable. Thanks for the citation offered and was busy in operations soon after I returned from the conference hence why the delay in sending this appreciation note.

Wish you and the team all the best...!


Mangala Durwinka

Head of Human Resources

Mobitel (Pvt) LtD

Hussain Afeef

Dear Dr. R. L. Bhatia,

Greetings from LUX* Resorts and Hotel!

It was a pleasure to speak at the HRD Congress Training and Development Segment and thank you for your trust. I must say the work you do and way you deliver this event is a testament to your belief in recognition and valuing what others are doing to make this world a better place.

Once again I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this and indeed looking forward to 2018 and beyond.

Should there be any speaking opportunities in any of the HRD Congress or related events in India or any parts of the world, I will be happy to offer such and do a speaking at no cost and as a voluntary activity.

May God bless you for what you do and stay well.

Best wishes


Jude Xavier

FROM : Jude Xavier
TO : Dear Sir,

It was a wonderful show and Hats off to you and your Team. It was a magnificent show and to be recorded in the History. I will stay connected for any support going forward and for any upcoming events. Once again thanking you for this wonderful recognition and support.

Thanks & Regards,

Jude Xavier

Senior Director & Head - Human Resources

Paul Brown

FROM : Paul Brown
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

Thank you so much for this lovely photograph from the Secretariat.

May I also say a huge thank you for the honour of being with you at this WHRD / WCC occasion and being the recipient of such an award. It was completely unexpected and very much appreciated.

The occasion also had the effect of seriously re-awakening my interest in India, and I hope to return professionally in the near future.

So thank you on all counts.

Paul Brown

Faculty Professor - Organizational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland.

International Chairman, Vietnam Consulting Group, Ho Chi Minh City.

Dr. Aparna Naik

FROM : Dr. Aparna Naik
TO : To Dear Dr Bhatia

Thanks for this wonderful moment

You got so many journey memories refreshed, which are cherishable

Thanks once again for the felicitation

Aparna Naik

Sanjay Joshi

FROM : Sanjay Joshi
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia


I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you for your tremendous efforts, passion and leadership. Silver Jubilee celebrations of World HRD Congress were a grand success and it was quite visible that despite so many back to back events, He has high energized and committed to deliver an exceptional program.

I once again thank you , the Jury of World HRD Congress for felicitating me with the HR Leadership Award for India. It was truly an honour to receive this award from World HRD Congress.

Will it be possible for you to share my picture as it will be a good memory for the lifetime.

Best regards,

Sanjay Joshi

India - Regional HR Director

Intertek India

Subhajit Sengupta

FROM : Subhajit Sengupta
TO : Dear Mr. Bhatia,

The pleasure was completely mine and felt honored to be part of the event. The event was very well organized and beautifully managed barring couple of exceptions which is absolutely fine considering the magnanimity of the event. I would definitely like to be associated with WHRDC and participate next year again in the event.

Meanwhile i am considering new opportunities currently. Do let me know if you can assist me in getting a better and meatier challenging role. I am open to relocation as well.

Thanks in advance. Stay connected!

Best regards,

Subhajit Sengupta

General Manager HR

Jetking Infotrain Ltd

Romina Dewan

FROM : Romina Dewan
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia

I hope you are fine.

I am honoured to receive such an recognition for my work and to be honoured with ' Super Women Achiever Award '. It has encouraged me a lot to go forward.

Hope you are finished with the tremendous work by this time.

Thanks Again

Romina Dewan

Sharat Jha

FROM : Sharat Jha
TO : Dear Dr Bhatia

Thank you for this wonderful experience. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team for a meticulously planned event.

Please give me a little time for applying myself and suggest a theme / topic for discussion which should befit the standards set and suitable for the forum from an HR perspective.

Thank you once again.

Warm regards

Sharat Jha

Head HR

Arvind Infrastructure

Neetal Vaidya

FROM : Neetal Vaidya
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Many thanks for hosting me and my colleague for the 25th Edition. It surely is a milestone! I would like to congratulate your team and you for putting together a wonderful opportunity for the HR talent to connect. I could witness that your team is so together and focused having fun and working very hard to ensure that we get an awesome experience goes to show the trust and commitment they have for you and the Organization Kudos!

I would be really happy to contribute in a meaningful manner such that it is 'useful' and not just 'interesting.' Will wait to hear from you and the themes you come up with. Will surely connect post that.

Heartiest congratulations to you and the team once again!


Neetal Vaidya

Sr. Director - Human Resources

TIBCO Software India Private Limited

Ruma Bhateja

FROM : Ruma Bhateja
TO : Dear Sir,

It was indeed a privileged and honor to be connected with you and your team. Thanks for being a wonderful host. Kudos to your team,

Once again thanks to you, your team, the jury members and Dr. Indira Parikh for all efforts to make this event a great success.


Ruma Batheja

Head - OD and HR Strategy

Knowledgetics - India

Andreja J. Koderman

FROM : Andreja J. Koderman
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Please accept my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to participate at the silver anniversary of World HRD Congress.Your extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and organization made the congress one of the most memorable of all the time.

Your aim to create a global platform, which will help HR professionals across the world to listen from the best leaders in their field, has been more than sufficiently reached.

The congress itself was exceptional and the speakers were more than excellent. I heard much useful HR practice, which I have already included in my professional work and personal life. Therefore, I am very grateful to be the part of that story.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I truly appreciate your perseverance, courage and a positive attitude. You are such an inspiration to me!

Thank you!

Andreja J. Koderman

Direktorica kadrovske revizije

Cathy Fyock

FROM : Cathy Fyock
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

Just a note to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the HRD World Congress in Mumbai. It was an amazing opportunity!

Thank for your excellent conference and the chance to meet with HR leaders from around the world. I enjoyed having the opportunity to present my message, The World Needs Your Story, and I'm proud to display the beautiful award in my office (and on social media!).

Thanks again for your assistance!

Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Simma Lieberman

FROM : Simma Lieberman
TO : Dr. Bhatia,

Thank you so much for presenting me with the diversity leadership award, giving me the opportunity to facilitate the panel (which was a huge success) and for you hospitality. It was an honor to be included. You and your staff did the most incredible job of putting it all together.

The programs were wonderful, the food was incredible and the people I met were so warm, welcoming and stimulating.

One thing that impressed me was how despite cultural and geographic differences, as well as political systems human resource people in organizations see the need for inclusion, sharing stories and developing cultures of equality.

Let's stay in contact. Please let me know if I can ever be of help. I'd love to speak again next year, or any other conference you organize.

Warmest regards,

Simma Lieberman

Simma Lieberman Consulting

Megh Risaldar

FROM : Megh Risaldar
TO : Dr. Bhatia,

Can you hear me say YAHOOOOO! J

Wish I could show you my pic writing this note.I am standing with respect while writing this note to you. Your energy, passion, cool head, sense of humor and eye for execution definitely deserves a standing ovation.

Honestly, the whole event was executed so well be it the kind of speakers lined up, the teasers, build ups like Drum cafe. I mean, it was very well thought thru to the extent of tossing some ice-creams / Cold drinks to bit the heat during an outdoor event.

I'm quite keen to play a part in my individual capacity for the next year event. Once again thank you and your enthu team members i.e. Ms. Veronica, Mr. Asif, Mr. Sidharth for delivering an awesome experience.

Let me know when you are in Hyderabad next, I will be happy to host you.

Cheers !!


Shalini Gaba

FROM : Shalini Gaba
TO : Dear Dr.Bhatia,

Thank you firstly for all the vigour and enthusiasm, I was deeply humbled when you personally got up and procured my Id card at the event even though there was entire team waiting. It goes to say much about your spirit, detail and demeanour all of which was also exhibited through the various events spanned across three days.

I would love to participate and contribute towards the event and had written to you previously as well, I could either share the details on my profile and the work that I do for my organisation and in HR and organisation development .

Some suggestions definitely are on your website which surely could carry more details on categories and sub categories of the awards and associated marketing collaterals  that follow can be more specific.

HR topic coverage can be more recent like AI and other topics around HR development and the multifaceted roles and horizons of the evolution of HR industry. Happy to share more when we can connect.

Thanks once again for a great hospitality!!

Best Regards,

Shalini Gaba

HR Director-India

International SOS

Holly Burkett

FROM : Holly Burkett
TO : Dr. Bhatia and Fellow Conference Organizers,

Dhanyavaad bahut for the extraordinary experience of being part of the 25th World HRD Congress recently in Mumbai.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to meet so many gifted and talented HRD professionals from around the world and to have had a chance to share best practices around building resilient learning organizations during my session. It was also a great privilege and honor to be recognized with an award for my work in the Global Training and Development arena.

I'm wondering if you have links to the photographs taken during the award presentations and/or links to the session recordings. I've seen quite a few presenters and award recipients with posted pictures on twitter from the award ceremony and would like to have a copy of my own award presentation (held on 2/15) if possible or available. I didn't have anyone onsite take photos for me.

Thank you once again for the warm welcome, for the distinction of being honoured with an award, and for the unique privilege and opportunity to be part of your illustrious gathering. I'd be interested in presenting at future conferences if you have a proposal process or place to send potential topic areas for future events.

Best regards,

Holly Burkett


Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Author

Anuruddha Thiththagalla Gamage

FROM : Anuruddha Thiththagalla Gamage,
            Senior Manager- HR & Corporate Sustainability,
            Hayleys Plantations, Sri Lanka., (Kelani Valley Plantations PLC &             Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC)
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia and the World HRD Congress Team,

This is to convey my gratitude and sincere thanks to Dr. R.L. Bhatia and the dynamic team of World HRD Congress, firstly to organize the grand scale congress and the award ceremony to recognize the best HR talents across the globe.

It is also my pleasure to thank with deep sense of gratitude and my honour to Dr. Bhatia to provide us a stage to showcase our performances and to compete globally and get recognized. Furthermore, deep sincere thanks to Mr. Aasif, Ms. Veronica and entire team behind this grand level event for friendly coordinating with us, providing all the assistance and necessary guidance.

I wish you and your team  all the very best in every endeavor.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,


Dipti Ghatge

FROM : Dipti Ghatge,
            Business Assistant,
            Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group India Private Limited

Greetings from KOCG, and I must say it was a fantastic event.

Dr. Chander Mohan

FROM : Dr. Chander Mohan,
            Chief Architect|Organizational Performance & Excellence,
            Creative Management Consultants
TO : Dear Dr. Bhatia

No words can express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your and your wonderful team for the great Silver Jubilee event. All the recognition, accolades, standing ovation and bouquets for you and your team clearly and rightly evident your hard work, hand-on leadership and astute management skills in efficiently, seamlessly and cost-effectively organizing such a massive global show.

I am grateful for the opportunity to receive the Award, learn from world-class thought leaders and network with a global audience.

I wish you excellent health and pray for your energy, spirits and enthusiasm to keep multiplying year after year.

Hats off to you and your team, once again.

Francis Padamadan

FROM : Francis Padamadan,
            Country Director - India,
            Kelly OCG

Hi Dr. Bhatia,

Great event and we have to meet for sure

Hajira Fewster

FROM : Hajira Fewster,
            Head of Human Resources - Africa,
            Thomson Reuters

Dear Dr Bhatia and Team

I would just like to take this opportunity of sincerely thanking you for putting on such an amazing congress. I have truly enjoyed my time spent here and will always be eternally grateful to you for nominating me and presenting me with the Top 100 Global HR Award.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you and your organisation and would love to come back next year as a speaker.

Thank you and God Bless !

Imran Ahmad

FROM : Imran Ahmad,
            Chief Human Resources Officer,

A small thank you note for the seamless organisation of the event and for coordinating everything so well at the event.

well done.



Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the well-organized event and Award presentations ceremony.

thank you for the Award I am greatly honored.

Sanjay Bhasin

FROM : Mr. Sanjay Bhasin,
            PHR, SHRM-CP, CSM, Chief HR Officer & Global Head - HR,

Good morning from Tampa, FL and "Big Thanks" for all your help, efforts and good work in making the HRD Congress a great success!

I was just wondering, we were so tired on day 2 as participants ...what must be happening to you, Dr. Bhatia and your team members ? You all kept smiling and taking care of everybody till last minute ..!! Excellent work!

It was indeed a great effort, great planning and great execution!

From my side, missed conducting a session...but next time, I will surely be speaking!

Take care!

Stella Odembo

FROM : Stella Odembo,
            Regional Head Human Capital & Administration-East Africa,
            Interswitch Kenya

Dear Dr. R. L. Bhatia,

I trust that you had a great ceremony and conference last week. I saw the photos and I must say am pretty envious. It seems like it was a great success. I have to make sure I attend the next function.

Robert Edmonson

Dear Dr. R. L. Bhatia,

Thank you for your help and dependability! Both certificates arrived today as you promised.

We have nothing but good things to say about your organization.

All the Best,

Dr. Robert Edmonson

Subhankar Ghose

Dear Dr Bhatia,

It was a pleasure meeting you at Taj Lands End, Mumbai on 15 Feb 2017.

Infact, it is a great moment for me in my life to get the prestigious award from World HRD Congress.

I would request you to connect me whenever you at in Delhi and pay a visit in my office.

Best wishes to the entire team of World HRD Congress.

Thanks & Regard's

Subhankar Ghose

Chief People Officer

Philimon Chitagu

Dear Dr Bhatia,

Once more it is with humility and honour to receive the 100 Most Influential Global HR Professional Award. I appreciate the recognition very much. The recognition is however dedicated to the entire Schweppes Zimbabwe Leadership and HR Team. Without the support of these, it could not have been possible to get such a prestigious award.

The award is also dedicated to my family for the support and motivation they gave me during the entire 2016 up to the time I came to India to collect the award. I also want to thank fellow Advisory Council members for the show of oneness in putting together the Congress Theme and Topics. There was indeed a unit of purpose across the world.

The 25th WHRDC Silver Jubilee was a memorable event, packed with funny and pomp. The Seaside Venue for the official opening and the awards ceremony was superb. Congratulations for organizing such a magnificent event.

The presentations were well delivered. The speakers were fired up and did not let the participants down. Well done Dr Bhatia and the core team for the choice of such speakers. I borrowed some notes which I hope to apply during the 2017 performance year.

Choice of venue for the event was also very ideal and I want to thank Taj Lands Management and employees for the professionalism in handling such a big group. The customer service throughout the event was second to none. The reception at the point of checking in and out was excellent. Food was also very good. Well done!

I also need to thank the organizers for the best in class communication before, during and after the event. Thank you for the energy reflected. I look forward to attending the 2018 event.

Philimon Chitagu (CHRPG)

Human Resources and Administration Director

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited,