Feedback 2019

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James McCulloch

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

I am just returning home to New Zealand after my first trip to India, and my first experience of your incredible event.

Both are memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.

I had simply never experienced an event with the breadth, warmth, inspiration and celebration that you have achieved over the past few days.

To meet you (albeit briefly) was an honour, as was to speak at the Congress.
But for Inspire Group to receive 2 awards?! Well, that has already been huge news for us at our offices across Australia and New Zealand.

So, thank you. For all that you have achieved with this event; and all that you clearly devote to it. To hear you speak about that was inspiring and humbling. I hope that I am able to welcome you to New Zealand one day.

With Gratitude

- James McCulloch, Director of Leadership, Inspire Group


Ram S. Ramanathan

Dear Raj,

Thanks for the opportunity to speak at the HR Congress and your hospitality. It was wonderful being at the event.

- Ram S. Ramanathan, Mentor Coach | Coacharya


Sharon Looney

Dear Bhatia,

It was indeed a pleasure for me to again be invited as guest speaker at that the annual HRD Congress.
The experience is truly energising and I trust my contribution added to such.

To have received the CHRO of the year award has given me the latitude to further promote the congress across my network and has provide me with a valuable accolade upon which I can continue to build personal branding as a HR professional.

Once the dates are set for next year, please inform me and I will immediately set to work to promote attendance and participation from more European based colleagues.
I am committed to helping you expand this event and volunteer myself to take a more active role as moderator if you require such support for next year.

Many thanks and best of luck with remainder of the conference.


- Sharon Looney, Chief Human Resources Officer - CHRO, CoreHR - Ireland


Sachin Gupta

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Many congratulations on the success of the grand event.

I take this opportunity to thank you, Asif, Mini, Rajesh Naidu and your other team members for giving the participants a delightful experience.

It was truely a mega event - the number of speakers, variety of topics, media coverage, range of sponsors and multiple awards.

I wish World HRD Congress continues to grow bigger and stronger.


- Sachin Gupta, HEAD - Talent Development - APAC, Signode India Limited


KT Lim

Dear Bhatia,

Thanks for a great event and just to let you know that this 101 Global HR Hero award has generate a lot of positive energy for me personally.

As I check into the business lounge at the International airport last evening on my way home, the reception team were excited and congratulating me. And a senior gentleman has kind words for me and ask to take a photo of the award.

Congratulations on the 27th Edition. Wishing you many more editions to come.

Best Regards,

- KT Lim


Harinder Kapoor

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Greetings!! First of all I would like to thank you and your team for organizing such a wonderful event. Thank you for this honor and giving this award, it makes feel great on being rewarded as for the hard work that one does.This will be the encouragement for doing the best and reaching more great heights that makes us eligible for receiving award every time at this huge platform of recognition.
My sincere gratitude to all for the tremendous ongoing encouragement that have throughout enabled me to put in the efforts and all time dedication for attainment of wonderful things.

Cheers !!

- Harinder Kapoor, Dy. General Manager - HR & Admin, KC Cottrell India Pvt. Ltd.


Jayanti & Sandip

Dear Raju,

Congratulations !on the success of the
27th edition of the WHRDC. From designing to execution everything was perfect.

Please also congratulate your team whom we found are now able to confidently and successfully manage the humongous logistics of variety of sessions and the award ceremonies and of course the various queries of delegates, speakers and guests. We are sure that they are able to rise to the occasion because they have the strength of a great leader behind them.

All the best, take some rest.

Warm regards & affections

- Jayanti & Sandip


Masila Mani

Dear Dr. R L Bhatia,

Greetings for the day.

First of all I would like to thank you and the entire Team for your outstanding efforts in organizing the World HRD Congress 2019 Event and making it a grand success. The event was superbly executed with every detail in place. Your passion and commitment is unmatched and every Member on the Team mirrored it in action which is a testimony in itself.

I also would like to mention my special thanks to Ankit and Rajesh Naidu for their coordination and the care they have shown while our presence during the event.

I hope we’ll have more opportunities to meet and have a great learning. Till then continue your passion in touching lives and making this World a better place.

Wishing you success always.


- Masila Mani, Head Training and Development, Paradise Food Court Pvt. Ltd.


Abdul Basit A l Rawahi

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

This is a short note to thank you very much for the great hospitality I received from you and your entire team.
You were extremely great to me and I felt at home the minute I met you and your team were very exceptional.

I enjoyed my stay in India and I’m looking forward to attending next year’s Congress.

Again, thank you and bless you all.

Kind regards,

- Abdul Basit A l Rawahi, Head of Human Resources & Administration, Salam Air


Dr. Bushra. S

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Please accept my heartiest congratulation to you and your entire team for organising such a successful event.

I am indeed grateful to receive the award and look forward to associate with you for future endeavors.

Thanking You
Best Regards,

- Dr. Bushra. S, General Manager, Indian Dental Association


Manish Misra

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

First, Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event gathering HR professionals from across the globe. Heartiest Congratulations for this grand success year after year


- Manish Misra


Maxi F Fernandes

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all arrangement and organizing such a big event flawlessly and all the coordination. It was handled nicely . I will also write to Dr Bhatia on this. Same time appreciate if you can share the photos of award function. It will help me in sharing to the people appropriately.


- Maxi F Fernandes, GENERAL MANAGER - HR, INDIA, Nexteer Automotive


Gill McKay

Dear Raju,

I am writing to you from a cold and rainy London, having returned from Mumbai yesterday. Congratulations on running such a successful conference - full of diverse speakers, exhibitors and delegates, all with a common interest in HR excellence. Thank you for inviting Alistair and me to attend and to speak - it was hard work chairing the coaching congress for a day, but a role I will fulfil with pleasure any time! I met some great, like-minded people and it was an excellent day with a broad range of presentations and conversations. And of course there is nothing like finishing the day with dancing and trying to get all the delegates onto the stage!

I particularly want to say thank you also to your team and would appreciate it if you would pass on my regards. Of particular note are Aasif, A.P. and Zahir, all of whom went out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly and our needs were met.

I wish you all the best and look forward to connecting again soon.

All the best,

- Gill McKay, Director, MyBrain International Limited


Dr. Ashok Dhoble

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Hope this mail finds you well!

Please accept my hearty congratulations on the organisation and completion of a very successful event! It was a really commendable effort by your team and a wonderful experience for all of us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for presenting me with the 'Lifetime Achievement' award. It was indeed a great honour.

It has been our immense pleasure to be associated with you and I look forward to engaging again in the near future.

Best Regards,

- Dr. Ashok Dhoble, Hon.Secretary General, INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION (Head Office)


KS Praveen

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Many thanks to you for your kind gesture for releasing my book on 15th Feb.

Heartiest congratulations on your 27th Edition of World HRD Congress.

Best Regards,

- KS Praveen



Dear Dr. Bhatia,

I wanted to personally thank you for inviting me to attend the conference last week. The speakers were fantastic and the whole event was organized meticulously. I was attending the event for the first time and have decided to attend every year if I can.


- ANAND SUBRAMANIAN IYER, Director - Rewards & Performance Management Human Resources, Central Bank of UAE


Ashish Sharma

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Thank you very much.
It was a splendid event.
I really appreciate the efforts that you and other team members might have put in making this event a grand success.

Congratulations once again and wishing you the very best for all future events.

Also, can I request you to share my photographs, I could not find one in the link you shared.


- Ashish Sharma, General Manager - L & D, Wellness Forever


Zalmay Akbar

Dear Dr. R L Bhatia & Team ( Abida Khan / Aasif Sayed),

Greetings..! I want to express my deepest appreciation & thanks for giving me the opportunity of becoming 101 Influential HR Leaders, I feel very grateful to you and your entire team and the HRD congress, I consider myself very fortunate for giving me the chance to meeting you and visiting Mumbai for the event.

Attending the World HRD Congress was a great learning experience for me. I really value the knowledge and insight you have, and your willingness to share it with others. I am truly blessed being part of the World HRD congress, I would be implementing all of the things I learned at the World HRD Congress in my professional and personal life.

Thank you once again for showing me how one can be an exemplary professional. I consider Dr. R L Bhatia a valuable mentor and great Leader.

I wish you more and more success to Dr. R L Bhatia & World HRD Congress.

Best Regards,

- Zalmay Akbar, Head of Human Resources, Moby Group - Afghanistan


Dr. Philimon Chitagu

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Just to express my appreciation with how World HRD Congress was organized. There has been tremendous changes which in my view are for the benefit of the HR fraternity.

The event afforded participants opportunities to learn, network, collaborate and present.

Well done!

The world is made of HR practitioners with varying competencies. Some are ahead of others due to geographical locations. What the even has done was to equalize those who were ahead of others through sharing practical information which can be implemented even in developing countries.

Bringing together more than 67 countries to participate at such magnificent event is not a joke. A lot hard work was invested.

The topics which were put in place were very relevant to the cause of Human Resources and can be implemented.

Thank you,

- Philimon Chitagu (CHRPG), Human Resources and Administration Director, Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited