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Author, Coach and Keynote Speaker

Jasrin Singh is an Author, Coach and Keynote speaker. Her purpose lies in assisting people to maximize their potential, setting,and achieving inspiring goals. She works with both men and women leaders to create a leadership style that fosters excellence, while being nurturing.
She has over 20 years of business experience both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. She combines this experience with pragmatic knowledge and intuitive wisdom in her work as a coach, speaker, and author. She recently published her first book - Blueprint of the Authentic you, which lays out a pathway to finding one's authentic self.

Jasrin is committed to feminine empowerment and the upliftment of women in society. She is deeply spiritual, and believes her creative work isinspired by the universal mind. Her mission is to shift mindsets and create new paradigms for operating our personal selves, business, and society at large. She wants to see a corporate world, that is about profit and people, and not profit before people.

Jasrin is a Professional Certified Coach, (ICF) with over 1500 hours of coaching experience working with leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds in global organizations. She has an MBA from INSEAD.