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Role Players 2023


Professional Certified ICF Coach & Founder, People Essence

Priyanka Dutta is a Professional Certified ICF Coach and an ex-HR Professional with around 13 years of rich expertise in coaching combined with generalist HR functions. She has successfully coached corporate professionals, budding entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers & individuals from non-corporate background to achieve their goals & desired intentions across different aspects of life. She is the Proprietor of People Essence. In January 2023, she has been recognized as one of the Top Natural Coaches by Coach Foundation. In December 2022, the book TGV's Inspiring Lives Volume – 1 was launched at the 35th Hyderabad National Book Fair that featured Priyanka amongst the 22 people who have influenced, moved the norms & inspired others. In 2021, Forbes Marquee featured her work. She is the recipient of the award 101 Most Fabulous Coaching Leaders, India 2020 by World HRD Congress. Her blog has been recognized as the Top 50 Coaching blogs since 2019. She believes in living authentically & creating consciously for the highest good of all. Her purpose is to elicit the best in people & build a better world. A travel enthusiast, a lifelong learner; she constantly challenges herself to be her best version. She finds joy in serving.