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Role Players 2023


Success Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker

Tafadzwa Mukoyi, popularly known as Coach Taf, is a multi-award-winning coach with international acclaim. He has spoken on world stages and has motivated national teams and corporates alike.

He is a pioneer of thought provoking and life transforming ideas that help individuals who dare to face the challenges of life, on how to adopt a progressive mind-set equipped with energy to exit excuses.

He is a Master Certified Coach, Leadership Consultant, Strategy Facilitator, and Transformational Speaker. He is a holder of a Master's in Business Intelligence, BSC Honours in Psychology, a Marketing Practitioner and Service Quality International Facilitator.

He is also the Author of Exit Your Excuses, Freedom to Fail, Executive Pedigree and Challenging your Limitations.

Coach Taf's philosophy is Exit Your Excuses, Embrace Your Freedom to Fail and Activate Your Potential.