Feedback 2024

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Dr. Suresh Kumar N

Dear Dr. R. L. Bhatia & Mr. Aasif Sayed,

The programme was fabulous. As always, this programme of Human Capital Awards recognises leaders in HR, Business and the different business organisations which do exemplary actions , execute strategies which have high impact on the society & the world. The commitment of the organizers and those associated with the World HRD Congress is very superlative.
Dr.RL Bhatia and Mr.Aasif Sayed make such a great combo in rendering yeoman's service.
My Best Wishes to this Great Organisation.

- Dr. Suresh Kumar N, VP & Business HR Head, JSW Infrastructure


Florence Dalupang-Bueno

The World HRD Congress 2024 is one of the best gatherings (out of around 56) I have ever attended,keeping in view the network of like-minded professionals from around the world, geared with so much passion, energy, and drive. The sessions of sharing the best practices in a global perspective were insightful, relevant, and carried the substance of influencing the whole humanity to DO MORE, that is, for the good of the current time and the next generations to come . I am humbled by the opportunity entrusted to me, as one of the Resource Speakers in this human-centered program ('Diversity and Inclusivity: Taking its vital role in Sustainability and Human Resources). I could not be more proud, impressed and delighted by the amazing team of the World HRD Congress headed by Dr. R.L. Bhatia, the Founder of World CSR Day and supported by Mr. Aasif Sayed, Project Head, CHRO Asia, and the rest of the dynamic team. Extending my gratitude and appreciation goes beyond words. Truly I say, "When you share yourself with others, you do not become less, you end up MORE COMPLETE". Looking forward to many more beautiful gatherings in the future, in any part of the globe. MABUHAY, NAMASTE, SALAMAT and SHUKRIA!

- Florence Dalupang-Bueno, PhD Candidate, MBA,CHRM, CHRP HR Director, SEE Engineering, Sustainable City, Dubai, UAE


Nader Almurqab

Dear Sir,

Want to thank all of you for this event, it was amazing and organized well.

This types of events its part of the motivation that all of us need to keep improving. The HR team keeps motivating the other staff, but who will motivate them? So, I think this event is the best way to keep them motivated and to encourage them to give more. I really appreciate the organizers; it was a great event and was well-organized. We also had the opportunity to exchange our experiences. Thank you.

- Nader Almurqab, Group Director of Human Resource, Royal Rose Hotel


Koshy K. Ancheril

Dear Aasif,

My sincere thanks for this opportunity given to me.

As always the programs were all structured well and it featured great topics as well.

Kudos to you and the team.

- Koshy K Ancheril, Chief Human Resource Officer, Sunrise Hospital